Two high performance coating system additives for use with EUDRAGIT® polymers. PlasACRYL® optimizes coating efficiency and reduces processing times, thereby achieving significant cost savings with no loss in quality. Consist of TEC, Polysorbate 80, GMS

PlasACRYL® compared to talc formulations
Using PlasACRYL® compared to conventional talc systems has proven to deliver notable time savings:
• Up to a 50 % reduction inpreparation times
• Up to a 30 % reduction in coating times
• Less downtimes due to clogged nozzles

PlasACRYL® compared to GMS systems
As compared to conventional GMS systems,PlasACRYL® offers you a less complicated preparation process without significant regulatory impact:
• No high shear mixing needed
• No heating of water needed
• No cooling/degassing time required after spray suspension preparation
• Less weighing steps

Optimized for enteric coatings with EUDRAGIT® L 30 D-55
Suitable for sustained release coatings with EUDRAGIT® RL 30 D & RS 30 D