Gelita Deutschland GmbH


Gelatin - A gelling agent for numerousapplications

  • 160 Bloom Gelatine for Soft gelatin capsules (Bloom range 145-175)
  • 180 Bloom Gelatine for Tableting (Bloom range 165-195)
  • 260 Bloom Gelatine for Hard gelatin capsules (Bloom range 245-275)
  • Special Gelita 160 Bloom RXL grades for resolving Soft-gelatin issues (Cross-linking & shelf life isues)
  • Special Low Endotoxin Gelatin for Blood Transfusion


-Tailormade grades from100 Bloom to 260 Bloom with Bovine Bone/Hide/Pig Skin



􀀹 A multi functionalnatural product

􀀹 EDQM certified

􀀹 Neutral in tasteand odor

􀀹 Practicallynon-allergic

􀀹 Process capabilityto inactive TSE infectivity

􀀹 No risk of BSEtransmission to human

􀀹 Completelyabsorbed by the body



􀀹 Hard and softGelatine capsules, tablets

􀀹 Embedding ofvitamins

􀀹 Production ofblood substitutes



􀀹 Makes fast andconsistent release of actives

􀀹 Facilitates theswallowing of medicines as a hard or soft capsule

􀀹 Aids the drugidentification due to its ease of coloring

􀀹 Protectivecolloid, shielding actives from oxidation and light

􀀹 Stabilizer foremulsions and suspensions

􀀹 Excellentfoam-former and stabilizer in the manufacture of Gelatine Styptic Sponges

􀀹 Excellentbioavailability in blood substitutes