Gelita is an independent, family owned company founded in year 1875. With the Headquarters in Eberbach - Germany, Gelita have 21 plants globally.

Gelita is leading manufacturer of Gelatine and Bioactive Collagen Peptides in the world, having market Share of about 22% and production capacity of 100,000 mtons.

The Business Unit Gelatine is active in 3 main areas: Food, Pharmaceuticals and Technical.

Gelita works with all the biggest pharmaceuticals companies in the world, appreciated for its products portfolio, administrative support (regulatory, veterinary) and global quality.
In particular, it’s the film forming ability, thermo-reversible gelation properties and adhesive behaviour that make Gelita® Gelatine so versatile.

As a leading supplier of all types of gelatine, Gelita offers also Kosher and Halal variants.

Gelita Bioactive Collagen Peptides are widely used in Healthcare products globally, and supported with Clinical studies and scientific back-up. High quality Bioactive Collagen range for Joint Health, Beauty, Sarcopenia, Body Toning, Bone Stability and Flexibility.

For Pharmaceutical applications, Gelita can provide tailor made gelatins according to the application of customers (Hard gelatine capsules, Soft gelatine capsules, Vitamin coatings, Blood plasma expander, Low Endotoxin, Injectable, Wound Healing devices, Hemostatic sponges, Vaccines, Serums and so on).

For critical fillings our innovative Gelita® RXL and Gelita® RXL R² portfolio made with patented process, provides solutions with regard to reduced cross-linking properties and controlled fill release. In general, RXL range with medium Bloom gelatine (between 150 and 200 g Bloom) and used for the production of soft gelatine capsules.