3V Sigma is a producer of specialty chemicals for a wide range of industries. Over the last 60 years, they have synthesized and patented molecules that meet their customer need in each sector. They are in constant research of new application of our product portfolio.

The company have three main Divisions – Performances, Industrial and Specialities.

Supporting global customers from various plants; 1 plant in the USA and 3 plants in Italy.

Speciality range developed in year 2000, to support Pharmaceutical customers. Carbomers made with green/ safe solvent.

SYNTHALEN® Carbomers manufactured with green solvent, used for Topical Pharma and Oral Pharma. High quality with DMF, Batch to Batch consistency, safe even for Pedriatic formulations.

Pharma Applications: Rheology Modifier, Emulsifying Agent, Viscosity Enhancer, Thickening Agent, Suspending Agent, Stabilizing Agent, Oil in water Emulsions, Sustained Release & Co-Binder, Suitable for Transparent Gel, Bioadhesion in buccal/ Ophthalmic/ Intestinal/Nasal/ Vaginal/ Rectal applications.