SYNTHALEN® Carbomers manufactured with green solvent, used for Topical Pharma and Oral Pharma. High quality with DMF, Batch to Batch consistency, safe even for Pedriatic formulations.

Pharma Applications: Rheology Modifier, Emulsifying Agent, Viscosity Enhancer, Thickening Agent, Suspending Agent, Stabilizing Agent, Oil in water Emulsions, Sustained Release & Co-Binder, Suitable for Transparent Gel, Bioadhesion in buccal/ Ophthalmic/ Intestinal/Nasal/ Vaginal/ Rectal applications.

Brand Name Generic Name Application Detail Polymerization Solvent Carbomer Homopolymer (USP/NF) Pharmaceutical Usage
Synthalen KPCarbomerRheology ModifierWhite fluffy powder, Odor Slightly aceticMethylene ChlorideType CCarbomers are used in oral liquids, oral suspension, creams, topical formulations, patches and Dental Care formulation.