ACCEL (MCC) Spray-Dried grades are free-flowing crystalline powder (a non-fibrous micro particle). It is insoluble in water, dilute acids and most organic solvents, but slightly soluble in the alkali solution (1 in 20). It has a wide range of uses in the pharmaceutical excipients and can be directly used for tableting of dry powder. It is widely used as excipients in Pharma for applications like Flow aids, fillers, disintegrating agents, anti-sticking agents, absorbents, and capsule diluents.

ACCEL MCC: Partially depolymerized cellulose. An odorless and tasteless crystalline powder prepared from imported wood pulp.

Brand Name Generic Name Application Usage
ACCEL-102Microcrystalline CelluloseBinderACCEL-102 has similar compression properties to ACCEL-101. However, it has larger particle size and therefore, may be of value in improving the flow if fine powders.