Taste Sensing System (e-tongue) from Intelligent sensors technologies Inc, Japan.
The Taste Sensing System TS-5000Z, which employs the same mechanism as that of the human tongue, converts the taste of various substances such as food and drugs into numerical data.
Using unique aftertaste measurement technology, even aspects such as “richness” and “sharpness,” which could not be measured by conventional chemical instruments, can be expressed.
Moreover, the proprietary analysis application makes obtaining analysis results easy.
As a support tool for sensory evaluation, the TS-5000Z is a powerful tool for use in a variety of fields such as quality control, product development, marketing, and sales, where objective evaluation of taste is required.


  • Use of multi-channel type lipid membrane sensors imitating living organisms
  • Quantification of taste via original algorithms
  • Measurement operations done via touch panel. Wizard format makes operation easy, even by novices
  • Rich array of graph tools for producing radar charts, two dimensional scatter plots, and three dimensional scatter plots
  • Dramatically higher analysis efficiency through macro functions, which helps users to shorten analysis time
  • Enables data analyses and graph displays from remote locations via internet
  • User management of measurement data in database
  • Global management of measurement data in database
  • Easily expandable through control of multiple instruments with a management server.
  • Built-in self-diagnosis functions