Talc is a hydrated magnesium silicate, belonging to the subclass of phyllosilicates. Its crystals are thin and lamellar forming, when massive, wide range of colours (i.e.: white, pink, green, grey or black). Talc can be found in various grades, different by purity, colour and lamellarity. Its main characteristics are: it’s naturally hydrophobic and lipophilic, it’s chemically inert, resisting very well to acids and bases.

Brand Name Generic Name Application Usage Median Diameter Complaince
Talc LoMicron5TalcGLIDANTIt is also use as anti-tacking agent in various dosage forms to reduce agglomerations and reduce in gun chocking in coating.D50: 0.65 µm Top Cut D98 : 4.5 µmUSP-EP-JP