Pharma-grade herbal extracts are produced according to cGMP guidelines. Key to helping brands builds a sustainable natural Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) supply chain.

Their wide range of Botanical extracts are for various Health benefits such as Anti-oxidants, Bone Health, Joint Health, Cardiovascular Health, Cognitive Health, Eye Health, Energy, Immune Health, Men’s Health, Skin Health, Sports Nutrition, Women Health, Weight Management and so on.

Used in Dietary Supplements, Functional Food & Beverages, Pharmaceutical & Cosmetics.

Brand Name Generic Name Application Detail Usage
AB-Fortis®ExtractHeath IngredientMicroencapsulated iron solutionFunctional Food
Alguard®ExtractHeath IngredientPolysaccharide of Red microalgaeSkin Health
Benolea®ExtractHeath IngredientOlive Leaf extractCardiovascular Health - Strong Anti-oxidant
Echinacea®ExtractHeath IngredientDry pressed juice from Echinacea PurpureaImmune Health Cough, Cold & Flu Treatment
Fenulife®ExtractHeath IngredientDeodrized Fenugreek GalactomannanBlood Sugar control Weight control, Gut
Finomate®ExtractHeath IngredientGreen MateWeight Loss - Fat burning and lipase inhibition
Linumlife®ExtractHeath IngredientFlax ingredient, Rich in LignansMen’s health Effective addressing cause & symptoms of benign Prostatic Hyperplasia
Neuravena®ExtractHeath IngredientWild Green Oat powder extractCognitive Health Improves overall mental health
Soylife®ExtractHeath IngredientSoy Germ Ingredient, Rich in IsoflavonesBone & Joint Health Women Health
Unik2®ExtractHeath IngredientNatural Vitamin K2 as MK-7Most bioactive form of Vitamin K
BurdockExtractHeath IngredientExtracted from rootTopical Wound Healing
CapsicumExtractHeath IngredientExtracted from oleoresinVenous Circulatory Disorders. Pain & Inflammation
CascaraExtractHeath IngredientExtracted from rootGastrointestinal Disorders
CocillanaExtractHeath IngredientExtracted from barkCoughs & Colds
HorehoundExtractHeath IngredientExtracted from herbCoughs & Colds
LiquoriceExtractHeath IngredientExtracted from rootCoughs & Colds
SquillExtractHeath IngredientExtracted from bulbCoughs & Colds, Heart Disorder
Tolu BalsamExtractHeath IngredientExtracted from oleoresinCough & Colds
Witch HazelExtractHeath IngredientExtracted from twigsTopical Wound Healing
Yerba SantaExtractHeath IngredientExtracted from herbCough & Colds
SenegaExtractHeath IngredientExtracted from rootRespiratory Diseases. Gastrointestinal Disorder