For Pharmaceutical applications, Gelita can provide tailor made gelatins according to the application of customers (Hard gelatine capsules, Soft gelatine capsules, Vitamin coatings, Blood plasma expander, Low Endotoxin, Injectable, Wound Healing devices, Hemostatic sponges, Vaccines, Serums and so on).

For critical fillings our innovative Gelita® RXL and Gelita® RXL R² portfolio made with patented process, provides solutions with regard to reduced cross-linking properties and controlled fill release. In general, RXL range with medium Bloom gelatine (between 150 and 200 g Bloom) and used for the production of soft gelatine capsules.

Brand Name Generic Name Application Detail
Gelita® GelatineGelatineBinderGrades: 80 to 300 Bloom Bovine Bone/Hide/Pigskin Used for Tablets, Capsules formulations
Gelita® RXL and RXL Advance Special GelatineGelatineSoft CapsuleProduced with patented process technology
Used for making Soft Gelatine Capsules. Helps to Resolve Crosslinking and Shelf life issues
Gelita® RXL R2 GelatineGelatineSoft CapsuleImmediate Release of Active in Softgel
Gelita® EC GelatineGelatineEnteric releaseSoft Gelatine Capsules
Enteric fill release, Providing enteric capsules in one production step
Gelita ® Low Endotoxin GelatineGelatinePlasma ExpanderPlasma Expander, Injectable
Gelita ® Vaccipro GelatineGelatineVaccinationVaccination Grade
For Vaccine stabilizer
MedellaPro® GelatineGelatineHeath IngredientUsed in Wound healing devices, Bone pastes and surgical adhesives, Injectable (very Low Endotoxin level less than 600EU/g)