Brand Name Generic Name Application Detail Usage
Hydrocarbon GelParaffin and PolyethyleneOintment BaseSAMIC J-BASE (Hydrocarbon Gel) - A high performance Ointment manufacturing base.
Make: Sanwa Kasei Kogyo Co. Ltd, Japan

Hydrocarbon Gel consisting of Paraffin as a main ingredient and polyethylene as gelling agents. Gelled liquid Paraffin using 5-10% of synthetic chemical resin.

Stable in physical property with less fluctuation in malleability.
In addition, it maintains a stable property against the varying temperatures as time passes.

Advantages of Hydrocarbon Gel Vs. White Petroleum Jelly:
• Less change in consistency (hardness) at varying temperatures. While, white petroleum jelly melts at 40°C, Hydrocarbon Gel maintains stable shape. It shows little change in consistency at temperature from 15°C to +70°C and is liquefied at 100°C.
• Being made of liquid Paraffin, Hydrocarbon Gel repels water and is applicable in Oral Medicine.
• It can be used as an ophthalmic ointment base causing lesser degree of irritation.
• It can be used as a dental stomatitis ointment base for its excellent hydrophobic property.
• Causing lesser irritation on the inflammation affected parts for its no use of emulsifier, good elongation property.
• Excellent long terms stability

Used as an alternative to Petroleum Jelly, this product also helps to overcome the weakness of petroleum jelly:
• General external medicine, Dental external medicine and oral medicine as pharmaceutical additives.
• This product can be used as improved materials which overcome the weakness of petroleum jelly.
Used in General External Medicine, Dental External Medicine and Oral Medicine as Pharmaceutical additives