About Us

S. Zhaveri Pharmakem Pvt. Ltd. is an integrated pharmaceutical research and development company delivering wide range of products for the generic industry. It aims to be a leading provider of fully integrated and cost effective pharmaceutical out-sourcing services to the international healthcare industry.

The R&D is not only equipped with sophisticated instruments but also manned by highly skilled and experienced professionals. The company has a close co-ordination with International companies for providing prompt and quality services.

We provide flexible pharmaceutical solutions enabling our customers to accelerate their route to market quickly, safely and cost efficiently.

We differentiate our capabilities from competitor companies by maintaining a flexible,personal and responsive service to satisfy individual customer requirements.

S. Zhaveri Pharmakem Pvt. Ltd. is in a position to offer the following broad spectrum of services: –

• Formulation Development
• Analytical Development
• Stability Studies
• Dossier Compilation
• Technology and Process Transfer
• Bioavailability studies with renowned experts and partner-CRO’s
• Finished product supplies from approved site partners